Golden Hour Engagement Session at Dale Hollow

Indulging in All the Heavenly Love

Traveling up to Lindsey + Jerrett’s engagement session was well worth the drive to Dale Hollow Lake! With a strawberry acai in hand (of course), we utilized golden hour to its fullest with some fun by the lake before heading up to the place where Luke Bryan shot one of his music videos! I met Lindsey through one of my friends (who’s name is also Natalie) and she shared that Dale Hollow Lake was a very special place for her and her fiance. Both of their families have vacationed there since they were younger and they’ve shared a lot of fun memories in a place they can call their second home. So of course, we had to shoot their engagement photos there and it was absolutely perfect.

All About the Goofy, Authentic Moments

Lindsey and Jerrett were some of the most fun and goofy people I have ever met, which is why I loved their engagement session so much. They fully trusted me to capture all the authentic moments they shared as they splash their feet in the lake and ran through the fields during sunset. One of the BEST moments was when Lindsey and Jerrett ran off the dock in their clothes (YES I’m not joking) and into the lake as the sunset disappeared behind the hills. Trust me, it was one for the books. Did we get a little wet? For sure. But its moments like this they’ll look back on and laugh about with their family and friends as they celebrate their love next year.

These dreamy engagement photos at Dale Hollow Lake were WELL-worth the travel and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Getting to drive back and reflect on the incredible people I get to met through photography is the most rewarding aspect of my job. Meeting dear friends I get to pray for and support for the rest of their lives is why I continue to pursue this passion of mine. And I’m here to do it for you. Whether you need me to fly to the gorgeous beaches of Hawaii (which I’m traveling to later in October EKKK) or the historic structures of Greece, I’m here to take off with you to your dream destination.

Thank you Lindsey and Jerrett for allowing me the opportunity to capture these loving, goofy moments in a place you call your 2nd home. I cannot wait to keep up with your future adventures and see your beautiful wedding photos next year!!

Natalie Van Noy

July 21, 2023

Natalie Van Noy is a Tennessee-based + Destination Wedding Photographer, who creates an all-inclusive experience for the joyous, authentic couples. She travels around the country to capture heavenly love, telling love stories through warm, dreamy photos. Read more about some of her favorite adventures so far and picture your story landing on one of these pages!


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