Sunset Couples Photos in Tampa, Florida

Tampa couples photoshoot - Cece and Finn during golden hour for a couples session in Florida

Dreamy sunset photos on the beach? Um YES PLEASE. Cece and Finn wanted an authentic, fun session where they could show off their love for each other, as well as for Florida and the beauty of its beaches. With no hesitation, I flew into Tampa and we made it happen at one of the most beautiful Florida sunsets I have ever seen. After a day of adventuring, which they do best, we captured their heavenly love and I couldn’t be more in love. Let’s dive a little deeper into Cece and Finn’s journey, and how they utilize their time exploring the world.

Dreamy, Authentic Moments

When it comes to our time together, my goal is for your session to be a WELCOMING experience where you feel comfortable to express your true selves. Cece and Finn feel in love throughout their adventures in the United States, as they’ve hiked the Smoky Mountains, drove up the entire east coast to Acadia, and snorkeled in the springs filled with incredible marine life. Throughout their adventures, they’ve truly connected on a unique note and fill their days with passion, grit, and goofy moments.

Leaving Your Legacy One Adventure at a Time

After graduating college, Cece and Finn’s next adventure landed them in Tampa, Florida, where they’ve filled their Instagram page with Florida must-do’s, hiking tips and tricks, and days in the life! If you’re not following them now, you DEFINITELY need to click their follow button @mdrn.hippies. Their calendar is FULL of incredible plans to take off to the southwest as well as out of the country! For their session, I couldn’t pass down the opportunity to fly down to the place they feel most at home and will do the same for YOU. Your dream destination becomes another favorite on my bucket list, and no matter how many layovers it takes, I’LL BE THERE.

Taking Off to Your Dream Destination

Later this year, I’ll be flying out to some of the most BEAUTIFUL states in the United States to photograph my joyous couples. In August, I’ll be crossing Salt Lake City, Utah off my bucket list and snapping moments at the state capital, salt flats, and pink lake, and I CANNOT WAIT. OH MY GOODNESS. Next up, I’ll be flying back into Florida as I meet up with some friends and engage in all the heavenly love in Panama Beach. Dreamy, warm photos in Panama City? Yes please.

AND DRUM ROLL PLEASE…. After reuniting with my favorite couples for their wedding, I’ll be head off to OAHU, HAWAII (yes, you heard me right) for a few days. Guys, I cannot tell you how much this trip MEANS TO ME. This is an actual dream. Eloping in one of the most intimate, stunning places on Earth. Fly me out here any day. Fly me out ANYWHERE at any time.

If you’re ready to head out to the place you’ve always envisioned yourself saying “I do,” let’s chat. It’s time to talk about allll the fun details in which you want to bring to life and how I can offer you an all-inclusive, welcoming experience, on top of bomb photos you’ll be able to hold onto for a lifetime.


Cece + Finn’s Dreamy Couples Session in Tampa, Florida

Natalie Van Noy

July 6, 2023

Natalie Van Noy is a Tennessee-based + Destination Wedding Photographer, who creates an all-inclusive experience for the joyous, authentic couples. She travels around the country to capture heavenly love, telling love stories through warm, dreamy photos. Read more about some of her favorite adventures so far and picture your story landing on one of these pages!


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