An Adventurous Day at Cranford Hollow

The Dreamiest Day + A Dreamy Sunset

Wow, I cannot put into words how incredible Caitlin + Rodney’s day was. There was so much emotion, so much fun, and God’s presence was truly there. When I met these two last year, I never knew how dear friends we would become. From their engagement sessions (yes we did two!) to sharing the absolute best dance floor I’ve been on, I knew Caitlin + Rodney were meant to be together. Their heavenly love is so present in the way they build up one another + the endless adventures that have carried them across the United States. It was an honor to not only capture their dreamy wedding photos, but their gentle love for their family + friends.

The weather was beautiful throughout the day, even with a small storm that went completely around Cranford Hollow. The storm evaporated into the dreamiest sunset as we sent off Caitlin + Rodney with a sparkler exit.

The First Looks

Sharing some of my favorite moments from Caitlin + Rodney’s day and it HANDS-DOWN was Caitlin’s first look with her father, as well as Caitlin + Rodney’s. Caitlin and her dad shared a very bittersweet, special moment as she gifted her dad with personalized cuff links and shared some emotional words. Definitely had tears in my eyes when I witnessed this as Caitlin shared her thankfulness for her father and the role model he was for her throughout their lives. MY HEART. Afterward, Caitlin and Rodney rode the golf carts up to the ridge of the venue to share their very first look. Let me tell you. My heart was exploding with the way they looked at one another. And the top of the hill just made it more beautiful as they were surrounded by nature and adventurous environment beyond. These intimate moments are ones that I know my couples hold very close to their hearts, which is why I’m there to make sure they happen and land in your gallery.

Another favorite from the day: Caitlin + her bridesmaid DIYed (YES AND THEY LOOK SO GOOD) their bouquets the day before and they were STUNNING! This dreamy wedding photo of her bridal party is one of my favorites for all the weddings I’ve captured and I just cannot believe how beautiful these turned out. It made it all more meaningful as they shared so many memories in the makings of these bouquets and we could not go without photographing the magic they created.

The Cranford Hollow in Columbia, Tennessee

Speaking of Cranford Hollow, this stunning venue located in Columbia, Tennessee has so much to offer. I love the variety of spaces for photos, as well as allowing for private moments between the bride + groom + their family. Their staff are always so welcoming and dynamics of this venue are incredible. If you’re looking for a quiet venue with lots of photo opportunities near Nashville, Tennessee, Cranford Hollow is a wedding venue you need to check-out!!

Check out the Cranford Hollow!

Congratulations Caitlin + Rodney! I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon in Hawaii + I cannot wait to see where you take off next!

Check out these stunning photos from their Tennessee wedding!

Natalie Van Noy

May 28, 2023

Natalie Van Noy is a Tennessee-based + Destination Wedding Photographer, who creates an all-inclusive experience for the joyous, authentic couples. She travels around the country to capture heavenly love, telling love stories through warm, dreamy photos. Read more about some of her favorite adventures so far and picture your story landing on one of these pages!


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